HMI® PURIL – Daily cleaning and maintenance of hard surfaces

Neutral cleaning liquid concentrate for hard surfaces maintenance 

AREA OF APPLIATION: Low foaming preparation with neutral pH for daily manual and machine cleaning of hard surfaces (faience, terracotta, mosaic, polymeric coverage, linoleum, parquet and laminated surfaces).

Due to its unique formulation, HMI® PURIL easily removes persistent organic soils. The product is distinctive with its fresh aroma and cleaning ability, even when used with short exposure times.

Designed for cleaning of floor surfaces in train sets of cars and buildings, applicable with all types of cleaning machines.

Concentration of the use solution: 0.5÷2% (from 5 to 20 ml per 1L of water)

Packagings:  10 kg container;
 1 kg bottle with integrated dozing cup.
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